eBenefits Insurance Consultants

Our experienced consulting team and unique operating systems will reduce your HR workload and improve your employees’ understanding and appreciation of their benefits. We offer added value to your present program at no additional cost.

  • I-MAP (Insurance Management Assistance Programs)—A NEW, DYNAMIC APPROACH to modern-day delivery of YOUR employee benefits I-MAP systems.
  • Professional, Experienced Consulting Staff—We provide professional, experienced employee benefits consultants to you and your employees.
  • Risk ManagementWe partner with your company to minimize financial, compliance and claims risks, and control health care costs in ways that do not reduce employee benefits.
  • Custom Employee and HR Websites—We provide customized benefit websites to improve communications between you and your employees. All of your plan information, documents and other resources can be easily accessed using a simple web-based portal.
  • Laws and Guidelines—In partnership with Red and Associates, this online reference provides business owners and managers with easy access to state and federal employment law overviews.
  • Instant Apps—Relevant employee information is kept in a secure, constantly updated system that is instantly accessible in a variety of formats, enabling us to simplify insurance carrier changes and guarantee the accuracy of necessary updates.
  • CommCenter—A simple, secure forum for exchanging sensitive information online in accordance with HIPAA security requirements.
  • On-call customer service—Employee customer service advocates are available to answer health and benefit questions, provide nurse services, assist in obtaining prescriptions, and settle claim and billing issues.


Optional Services

  • HR Services—Subscription Service, HR Coach and HR Forms at your fingertips. Handbooks and other employee information are organized in an online, easy-to-use format.
  • Total compensation—Our Online Total Compensation Statement Wizard automatically calculates all employee benefits and provides a printable statement detailing the total cost of benefits provided by the employer.

Our unique platform offers:

  • Exclusive plan designs and resources.

  • An innovative approach to plan design and rate negotiations.

Are you getting all of the services that are available? We provide solutions that will make an incredible difference in your HR workload and your employees’ appreciation of their benefits.


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Service may very based on your company size and Federal and State regulations.