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eBenefits Health Risk Management

eBenefits knows that all companies are faced with various risks such as financial, compliance and claims. Our firm will partner with your company to minimize these and other risks. Our programs help control health care costs, as health care over-utilization or improper utilization is a primary factor behind today’s soaring health care costs. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, 10 percent of employees are responsible for 80 percent of health costs. Moreover, the U.S. Surgeon General reports that 75 percent of all claims are lifestyle-related. Further studies have shown that worksite wellness programs can lower health costs, decrease absenteeism and improve productivity and morale among participants. There are many outsourced risk management programs that start with onsite biometrics and a health risk assessment. These will identify employees with specific health risks and will yield valuable information that can direct the educational needs of the population, thus creating positive awareness among the participants.

Listed below are the components of the Health Risk Management program.


Health risk assessments

  • Personal health coach programs.
  • Voluntary lifestyle modification programs.
  • Chronic condition health coaching.
  • Onsite health screenings.

These assessments are a means to monitor the financial efficiency of your program. For companies that invest in risk management programs, the reports have shown a 20:1 return-on-investment, and a consistent 2:1 ROI. eBenefits is proud to offer this service to our clients in our continuing effort to control rising health costs and promote positive awareness around the employee total compensation package.

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Service available may very depending on your company size do to mandates and each companies needs.