About eBenefits

We offer a NEW, DYNAMIC APPROACH with modern-day delivery of YOUR employee benefits.

Are you getting all of the services that are available? You won’t know until you bridge the insurance gap with eBenefits Consulting Group.

Our experienced consulting team, along with our unique I-MAP operating systems, will provide solutions that will make an incredible difference in your HR workload and your employees’ appreciation of their benefits. We offer a full array of added-value services at no additional cost to what your company is currently paying.

A more dynamic workforce, global competition, and legislative changes are creating new demands as well as opportunities for employers. At eBenefits, we pay close attention to your company’s goals of providing security and attractive rewards to your employees, and help you explore the full range of options available to achieve the desired results.


eBenefits Goals:

  • To deliver the tools and know-how to be a trusted consultant, and to partner with our clients to develop world-class insurance benefits programs for their employees.
  • To provide seamless services via our proprietary I-MAP program that is able to automate functions associated with plan selection, enrollment, communication and administration of employee benefits, and other HR functions.
  • To serve our clients with an innovative, cost-effective approach to plan design and rate negotiations by providing professional consulting expertise, exemplary services, and reliable systems to relieve the administrative burdens typically faced by most companies.
  • To offer guidance and consultation—always with the singular objective of bringing superior plan-management value to our clients and their employees.

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Service may very based on your company size and Federal and State regulations.