Insurance Management Assistance Programs


Unlike most insurance consultants who only shop your rates once a year, eBenefits offers the added value of I-MAP, a fully integrated high tech and web base service platform offers unique and effective services along with on going professional consulting.  We offer your company the opportunity to have eBenefits Consulting Group as a partner to truly MAP out a plan and strategize how to manage and maintain the ever-changing world of employee benefits for your company.

IMAPIInsurance, assisting employers with cost effective benefit solutions.

  • We represent your company to the entire insurance carrier market to ensure proper plan designs while meeting your needs and keeping within budget.
  • We then do field underwriting and claims cost analyses that allow our quoting team to send out an accurate request for proposal.
  • We meet with insurance carriers to represent your company and take an aggressive approach in our negotiation efforts to ensure we have exhausted all opportunities to save you money.
  • Our Platinum Broker status and long-term relationships with major insurance carriers have proven to be beneficial and cost-effective for our clients.

Management assistance, managing employers risk.

  • We have several innovative, high-tech, web-based systems in place that far exceed those of our competitors, assuring that the risks faced everyday by your HR department are minimized.
  • We will custom design your HR website and fill it with incredible services that will streamline your plan management efforts.
  • Through these systems, eBenefits will partner with you by offering other fully integrated programs that will keep your company in compliance with federal and state laws.
  • Our web-based online management and enrollment system will save your HR department a tremendous amount of time. We also offer additional HR assistance programs, along with several other unique I-MAP services.

AAssisting employees, your employee and family's needs are most important.

  • eBenefits has several web-based programs that will educate and guide your employees, giving them a complete understanding of their benefits.
  • We can conduct in-person employee meetings, or provide web-based and DVD employee presentations for remote offices.
  • Each employee will have access to your customized employee website to review his or her benefit plan.
  • Our on-call advocate specialist will be available 24/7 to assist your employees.
  • Your consultant can answer any plan questions, claims or billing issues and basically act as an extension your HR department.

PProgram system, offers the most unique, comprehensive web based service platform available.

  • IMAP allows eBenefits to review your company’s benefits and claims history, thereby providing the information and understanding needed for future planning.
  • The system provides comprehensive reporting and a professional approach that will give our firm the necessary resources to best serve the needs of your company and employees.
  • Our compliance platform is designed to deliver a secure and positive experience.

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Service available may very depending on your company size do to mandates and each companies needs.